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Races of Iapetus
The major races of Iapetus co-exist together in the Known World of Iapetus, fighting for survival against the threat of Evil. The majority of the Kingdoms are either led by an Elven Lord or a powerful Human King.

Wood Elf/ High Elf
Wood Elves have keen eye sight and possesses great agility. They get along well with the other Races in the Kingdoms of the Known World.  Wood elves are the protectors of the Green. Heart . They are typical rangers, belonging to one of the warrior clans. Wood elves have brown, pink, black hair. Some Wood Elves may be High Elves, the most noble of their race.

High Elves are mighty in skill and graceful, representing the highest epitome of the Elven Race. At such they are usually accorded with respect.

+2 Dexterity,  
-1 Stamina, 
-2 Spirits

Racial Ability
Keen Awareness          +5 Agility and +1 Hit with range weapons. Passive Skill.
Innate Instinct                +5 Agility. Passive Skill (High Elf only)

Gray Elf/ Elflord

Gray Elves have feather light hair and an aura of magic can be felt by their presence. Extremely rare, Gray Elves are also the Lorekeepers and the Dreamweavers of the Elven Race. It is said that the Dark Lord is an ancient powerful Elflord that comes from this line. 

Gray Elves are the magic-users of the elven race. They are rarely seen and are elusive to outsiders, preferring their own company. There is a small chance that a Gray Elf might be an Elflord, the most powerful of their race.

Elflords are usually distinguished by their aura which mark them different. It gives them a automatic +6 charisma with fellow elves. They are a race that seeks to understand the Way, and have very mysterious foresight.

The mightiest sorcerers are usually the Elflords…and they are unusually beautiful and awe inspiring.

+1 Dexterity
-1 Constitution    
-1 Stamina,
+2 Magical Strength
-2 Spirits

Racial Ability
Inborn Magic Resistance         Add 25 MP Recovery. Passive Skill.
Inborn Magic Talent                 Add 250 MP. One time bonus. (Elflord Only)


Mystic/ Mystic Warrior
Mystic have snow white hair and are forbidden to carry metal weapons. They are very gifted in spiritual force and if a Mystic can be found in a party, they make excellent healers and can boast the morale of the group. Mystics are often mistaken for a Human. Moreover, Mystics are few in numbers and often residued among the Humans and the Elven Kingdoms. 

Mystics are seers from a distant world. But that world is now utterly destroyed by the Elder Race for aiding the Gods with their oracles and their ability to see the future. The few survivors are captured by the Elder Race to their homeworld. When the Eldars are trapped in the rift, the surviving mystics along with the other races regained their freedom. They are almost identical with the Humans save for their pale face and snowy hair.

Sometimes a Mystic will become a champion of their race, a Mystic Warrior or a Holy Paladin. The most powerful weapon they use are their spiritual force and their ability to be impossibly calm.

+1 Constitution   
+1 Intuition   
+2 Spirit
-2 Strength
-2 Stamina
-1 Dexterity    

Restrict to blunt weapons.

Racial Ability
Healing Skill                Boast Healing Effect by 25%. Passive Skill.
Faith Healing     Boast Healing Effect by 100%. Passive Skill. (Mystic Warrior Only)

Humans is one of the minority races in Iapetus fighting for survival alongside with the Elves and the Mystics against the Hordes of Iapetus and other powerful races attempting to eradicate them. Some Humans are born to be Avalons, a natural born fighter and often the Champion of their race.

Only the Wood Elves come close to outnumbering the Humans. Humans have a mysterious past in the history of Iapetus and holds the key to the future of Iapetus. 

Humans spiritual force strength is next to the Mystics and they are capable of growing much more powerful in the short term. 

Humans, like most races are fractional and they will often war with one another or other races.

The ultimate warrior is called an Avalon. Not only is his body is at the peak, so is his life force. Legends had it that Avalons used to be quite common and that they are actually the Valhalla Knights. Humans are descended from the Valhalla Knights but for unknown reasons, the humans eventually get weaker. This could explain why some humans are born to be an Avalon.

There are no racial modifiers for Humans.

Racial Ability
Resilient Will               Boast HP Recovery by 25%. Passive Skill
Natural Warrior            Add 250 HP. One time bonus. (Avalon Only)




The Valhalla Fantasy Role Playing Game is a high fantasy game system, using many innovative ideas. Game Masters have the option to create techniques and Magic using a Specialty System, bring in optional rules or simple read to bring ideas into their existing campaigns. Based on a concept that evading an attack is always better than getting hit, the System have three layers of protection given to a Player Character that can enable the PC to role play as a heroic character. You be amazed on the powers given to d20 rolls and how easy the game system works once you created a Player Character.

Valhalla FRPG can be adapted for use with Anime Fantasy, Wuxia Fantasy, High Fantasy, Standard Fantasy campaigns.

Choose an Elf, Mystic, Human, Wolvine or Infiv'e to role play and be a Knight, Fighter, Paladin, Dragoon Knight, Warrior-saint, Heraldic Mage, Warrior-priest or a Mage Knight
Fight powerful monster beyond your wildest dreams!
Attain the Rank of Warrior-God, Dreamweaver, Draco Knight, Entropy Knight, Warrior-Saint, Valhalla Knight, Saint, Sorcerer or Magus.
Heroic Fantasy that comes True!
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