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This is a special tribute to my favorite manga Claymore by Norihiro Yagi. This class does not appear in the Iapetus High Fantasy Role Playing Game.  

Claymore (Character Class)

Claymores are divided into Attack and Defense Classes. The Character must choose it when he/she decides to play a Claymore. Claymores can sense the Dark Magus Races and instinctively knows if they are Humans or Demons. Claymores have superior abilities because they gained the innate abilities of the Demons that they are fighting by infusing their flesh to their body. At such, their hair will change to white/blonde and they had silvery eyes, an indication that they are no longer Humans. When they manifest the effects of a power surge, their eyes will turn golden.

HP: Str + Con + sta (2.4)
LF: Sta (0.5)
SF: Spirit (0.5)
MP: MS (0.2)
Attack: 14 (Attack Type)/ 10 (Defense Type) +1
Magic Attack: 10+1/2
Skill: 14 (Defense Type)/ 10 (Attack Type) +1
Magic Apt: 10 +1/2

pecialty Skills 
Malevolent Air

1. Enhance Recovery
This is true regeneration. Even when the Player is not using any healing skills, he/she will recover HP every round!

+0.5 HP Recovery for Attack Type/ +1 HP Recovery for Defense Type per rank. 

2. Demonic Strength
The Player gains supernatural strength.

Attack Types gain 5% Damage per rank while Defense Types gain 1% Damage per rank.

+5 Inner Power/rank for melee and partial techniques.

3. Enhance Reflex
Claymores are able to react faster than anyone, striking the first blow of any fights. This skill also bestows a certain % to Evade All.

+1 Initiative /rank for Attack Types while Defense Types gain +0.5 Initiative per rank.

+1% Evade All/rank

4. Fearless
All Claymores are highly trained to fight demons, no matter how powerful and horrible they are. The higher level they are, the more composed they are in the face of adversary. 

+5% Morale/rank

5. Supernatural Force
All Claymores are protected by a supernatural protection indicating their demonic origins. 

+2% Supernatural for Defense Claymores and 1% Supernatural for Attack Claymores.

Special Ability
1. Power Surge
Claymores can increase their initiative, damage by 10% and gain +1 Auto Hit, +1 Critical (3 SF/round) at anytime during combat. They can further increase it to 30% (5 SF/round) gaining a 30% to Initiative/Damage and a +2 Auto Hit/+2 Critical. At 50%, they gain 50% more damage/initiative and gain +1 to Tremendous, +3 Auto Hit/Critical (7 SF/round). At 80%, they can gain 80% Damage/Initiative and +2 Tremendous, +5 Critical/+5 Auto Hit (9 SF/round). Using surge have its risk. 

A Claymore have three chance to stabilize themselves before their SF runs out. At 10% power surge, they have 90% chance of becoming normal. At 80% power surge, they had only 20% chance of becoming normal. Failure indicates that they had become a monster (Horrific). Every 10 SF that is drained by the power purge, they must roll vs failure or lose control and turned into Horrifics. 

Male Claymores have a -20% failure rate. However, 1-2 is always a success.

If a claymore breeches the 80% and becomes normal, he/she gained a permanent bonus of 30% to Initiative/ Damage and +1 Tremendous. Also adds +6 more Attack and Skill.

Players that fail the save becomes a Horrific and is taken out of play.

Class Mastery are gained once all Class Specialty Skills are at least lvl 9 or the Character level is 30.Attack Type Claymores gain two rolls for Hits and Evading while Defense Type Claymores gain 2 rolls for Roll vs Impact and Evading.

The Valhalla Fantasy Role Playing Game is a high fantasy game system, using many innovative ideas. Game Masters have the option to create techniques and Magic using a Specialty System, bring in optional rules or simple read to bring ideas into their existing campaigns. Based on a concept that evading an attack is always better than getting hit, the System have three layers of protection given to a Player Character that can enable the PC to role play as a heroic character. You be amazed on the powers given to d20 rolls and how easy the game system works once you created a Player Character.

Valhalla FRPG can be adapted for use with Anime Fantasy, Wuxia Fantasy, High Fantasy, Standard Fantasy campaigns.

Choose an Elf, Mystic, Human, Wolvine or Infiv'e to role play and be a Knight, Fighter, Paladin, Dragoon Knight, Warrior-saint, Heraldic Mage, Warrior-priest or a Mage Knight
Fight powerful monster beyond your wildest dreams!
Attain the Rank of Warrior-God, Dreamweaver, Draco Knight, Entropy Knight, Warrior-Saint, Valhalla Knight, Saint, Sorcerer or Magus.
Heroic Fantasy that comes True!
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