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Classes of Iapetus

long time ago, warriors roamed the Continent of Iapetus battling monsters, spellcasters and questing. Each warrior has certain attributes and proficiencies. Some are strong in Magic, Force or simple skill of arms. These warriors become the renowned heroes of the present age. And were called Berserkers, Paladins, knights, lords, kings, fighter, magic swordsman, sword saint, warrior-gods etc

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Mages are specialists who find the path of magic much easier than simple hack and slash. They make excellent support for parties who often employ mages to for their strong use of magic. Mages are very rare in Iapetus due to magic being a specialize study. Also Magic techniques required a Magic Aptitude of 45, something most people did not have the patience to learn or master.      
HP:   Str + Con + Sta (1.2) 
LF:   Sta (0.3)
SF:   Spirit (0.4)  
MP: MS (0.9)
Magical Attack: 12/+1   
Attack: 10 +1/2
Skill: 10/ +2/3  
Magic Apt: 13/+1

Specialty Skills

1. Spellcraft Aptitude
Part of the Mage training is to recover as much MP as possible when it is used extensively to prevent Magic Exhaustion. +0.2MP Rec/rank 

2. Elemental Mastery
Before Mages can use offensive magic techniques, they are trained in it. +5 Spell Power/rank for fire/lightning magic techniques.

3. MP Return (10SF) 
When magic point is exhausted, the Mage is hapless. Part of their training involves the tapping of their mental strength to use magic. It is a risky process and may not always work.
Recovers 3D6 Magic Point+ 0.3MP/rank. There is a delay of 10minutes (rounds).

4. Magical resistance
Due to exposure to Magic, mages have developed some defense against it.  
+2 Magical Defense per rank. 

5. Supernatural
This is the innate resistance that Mages gained when they are exposed to magic and it protect them against energy impacts. 
Gain 2 Supernatural +0.5 Supernatural/rank.

Mages also gain 1 M.Apt/Spellcraft level.

Mage Knight

They are warriors combining the use of sword and sorcery together. By being proficiency in both at the same time, they are a all rounder fighter. Mage Knights are trained to fight against Magic Monsters that a normal fighter would find it hard to pit against.

HP: Str+Con+Sta (1.5)  
LF: Sta (0.7)  
SF: Spirit (0.3)   
MP: Magic Strength (0.6)  
Attack: 10/+1 
Magic Attack: 10  +1
Skill: 10/+1 
Magic Apt: 10 +2/3

Specialty Skills

1.  Mysticism Focusing   
Mage Knights have to fight with both life force and magic. Therefore they place great important in recovering their fighting strength. This mysterious mediation skill enables a Mage Knight to recover his fighting strength more effectively as his rank increased.
+0.1LF Recovery/+0.1MP Recovery per rank

2. Resist Magic   
Mage Knights developed some resistance against Magic techniques to combat Magic Monsters or the Dark Magus Races.
+1 Resist per rank

3. Gravity Swordplay  
This special technique converts all initiative bonus to Magic Attack temporary when the Character choose to choose this Special Technique. +0.3 Initiative per rank. Converts initiative bonus to magic attack. 

4. Magic Deflector   
This special technique is a style used by Mage Knights. It does not work often but high level Mage Knights swear it work!
+1 Magic Evade per rank

5. Orlando Swordplay  
This special technique is used when the Mage Knight needs to roll versus impact against an energy attack like breath weapon or force attacks.
+1 Auto Defense per rank


While not as highly train as a knight, fighters dedicated their skills to survive and find ways to inflict as much damage as possible. Most PCs (Player Characters) are fighters. They are the backbone of most adventuring parties.              

HP:    Str+Con+sta (2.4)                                                       
LF:     Sta (0.6)
SF:     Spirits (0.3)   
MP:   MS (0.3) 
Attack: 12 / +1 
Magic Attack: 10 +1/2
Skill: 10/+1 
Magic Apt: 10 +1/2

Specialty Skills
Malevolent Air

1. Weapon specialization
Fighters fight to inflict maximum harm. They rarely show any hesitation because if they do, the one that is dead could well be them.   
+1 Damage per rank

2. Vital Force
Fighters gained battle experience each time they are in battle. An old fighter is a veteran and can easily defeat a well train knight! 

3. Physical resistance
Fighters are die hards and tanks for their party. A good fighter is very valuable in the party.
 +1 Natural Armor/rank. Every 1 NA allows the Player to survive to –3 HP as well as adding 1absorb and 1 defense. 

4. Continuous Attack
Amazing, many fighters are able to force themselves and sketch their potential to the limit. How that is done, no one knows. Some attributed it to their survival instincts.  
+0.3 AP/Rank

5. Tactical experience
As a fighter progress in levels, they also grow more sharper and are much more furious in their attacks than others. Add 1 Attack per rank for purpose of calculating damage in combat.
Special Technique (Class Rank 9 and above)

1. Master Stroke (5 LF)
An all out melee attack that converts all normal attacks into SA x1.


Warrior-priests are very good in the knowledge of priestcraft and healing, playing a supportive role in parties. However, in this restless period, even priest have to learn how to defend themselves.   
HP: Str+Con+Sta (1.2)
LF: Sta (0.4)   
SF: Spirit (0.5)  
MP: Magic Strength (0.7)
Attack: 10/+2/3 
Magic Attack: 11/+1
Skill: 10/ +2/3 
Magic Apt: 12/+1

Specialty Skills

1. Healcraft
A warrior-priest with her superior knowledge in healcraft is able to quicken the pace of healing for her party.
Improves Healing effect by 10%+5% per rank.

2. Protection from Magic 
By a strong belief, warrior-priests are granted protection against the forces of magic.
+2 Resist. +1 Resist per rank

3. Protection against Evil  
No one can explain this effect that sometimes cause the warrior-saint to be unharmed from mortal attacks. Warrior-saints credited it to divine protection.
+2% Autoblock, +1% Autoblock per rank

4. Holy Light   
Warrior-priests are specialist in Divine and Holy Magic.
+5 Spell Power for Light/Lightning Magic Techniques. 

5. Divinely Inspired
Warrior-priests have strong aura due to their spiritual training.   
Gain +0.2 SF Recovery/rank.

Like Mages, Warrior-priests do not gain a Special Technique at Rank 10 for their Special Techniques are Magic Techniques. Instead, they gain 1 Magical Aptitude for every Priestcraft level. 

Saki Warrior

Dragoon Knight





The Valhalla Fantasy Role Playing Game is a high fantasy game system, using many innovative ideas. Game Masters have the option to create techniques and Magic using a Specialty System, bring in optional rules or simple read to bring ideas into their existing campaigns. Based on a concept that evading an attack is always better than getting hit, the System have three layers of protection given to a Player Character that can enable the PC to role play as a heroic character. You be amazed on the powers given to d20 rolls and how easy the game system works once you created a Player Character.

Valhalla FRPG can be adapted for use with Anime Fantasy, Wuxia Fantasy, High Fantasy, Standard Fantasy campaigns.

Choose an Elf, Mystic, Human, Wolvine or Infiv'e to role play and be a Knight, Fighter, Paladin, Dragoon Knight, Warrior-saint, Heraldic Mage, Warrior-priest or a Mage Knight
Fight powerful monster beyond your wildest dreams!
Attain the Rank of Warrior-God, Dreamweaver, Draco Knight, Entropy Knight, Warrior-Saint, Valhalla Knight, Saint, Sorcerer or Magus.
Heroic Fantasy that comes True!
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