High Fantasy

Copyright @ The Valhalla Fantasy Role-Playing Game 2010: The World of Iapetus

The Iapetus Fantasy took two years to complete. It is named after the terrain of the Iapetus Moon, after inspired by the mountain ridges along its equator. 

Iapetus orbited around a gigantic planet Misteria, which is likened to Hell. Indeed, Misteria is the hosting ground for invasive monsters.

Iapetus herself, have a moon; Celestial. It is likened to Heaven. Not much is known about Celestial as it is invisible most of the time. But it is believed Celestial guarded Iapetus from the Elder Race, the ancient enemies of the Valhalla Race.

The Valhalla Fantasy Role Playing Game is a high fantasy game system, using many innovative ideas. Game Masters have the option to create techniques and Magic using a Specialty System, bring in optional rules or simple read to bring ideas into their existing campaigns. Based on a concept that evading an attack is always better than getting hit, the System have three layers of protection given to a Player Character that can enable the PC to role play as a heroic character. You be amazed on the powers given to d20 rolls and how easy the game system works once you created a Player Character.

Valhalla FRPG can be adapted for use with Anime Fantasy, Wuxia Fantasy, High Fantasy, Standard Fantasy campaigns.

Choose an Elf, Mystic, Human, Wolvine or Infiv'e to role play and be a Knight, Fighter, Paladin, Dragoon Knight, Warrior-saint, Heraldic Mage, Warrior-priest or a Mage Knight
Fight powerful monster beyond your wildest dreams!
Attain the Rank of Warrior-God, Dreamweaver, Draco Knight, Entropy Knight, Warrior-Saint, Valhalla Knight, Saint, Sorcerer or Magus.
Heroic Fantasy that comes True!
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