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In the beginning, Iapetus was a beautiful world lush with life. It was spring every season except for the north and south poles. But a mighty war rocked the planet and shifted the planet off its axis and the white canopy slowly disappeared and revealed the blue skies. And seasons came for the first time to the world.
It was a time of the Great Devastating as the Heraldic Magicians and the Valhalla Knights fought a mighty war with one another called the Second Divine War.

The Heraldic Magicians were strong in runes magic and magical powers. The Valhalla Knights were strong in life force energies and possessed powerful barrier armors and mighty swords of legend. Floating citadels and mighty fortresses belonging to both sides began to fall as both sides were determined to exterminate one another. Finally when the war ceased, the survivors numbered into a mere few thousands.

After the Great Devastating War between the Valhalla Knights and the Heraldic Magicians, what remains of the civilizations of Iapetus are ruins and ashes. Powerful monsters now ran rampage throughout the continents and lands, only a few safe havens are left.

The Great Devastating brought about great changes, only the female population of the various playable races is able to reach out to the source of mana and use techniques and skills now. They are now the new Heraldic Magicians. Can they protect their love ones in the absence of the stronger sex?

Iapetus High Fantasy 2nd edition have been thoroughly revised with the new Grading System to replace conventional Character Generation. Not only that, the rules have been further enhanced and make easy for female gamers. Combat is fast, exciting and epic, offering even low level players the chance to challenge impossible odds and to slay a mighty dragon.

Female role players will definitely enjoy it! Time passed, the Great Devastating is forgotten and the races of Iapetus struggle to survive in a world populated with terrifying beasts and monsters, not to mention hostile races that seek to eradicate.

Male Players could still play. Remnants of the corrupted gene of the Valhalla Knights residues in the population. But the urge for battlelusts weakened even the strong willed and many are forced into permanent wanderlust and to wreck chaos among the Horrors of the lands, unable to lead a normal life. These are the legendary Beserkers.

The Valhalla Fantasy Role Playing Game is a high fantasy game system, using many innovative ideas. Game Masters have the option to create techniques and Magic using a Specialty System, bring in optional rules or simple read to bring ideas into their existing campaigns. Based on a concept that evading an attack is always better than getting hit, the System have three layers of protection given to a Player Character that can enable the PC to role play as a heroic character. You be amazed on the powers given to d20 rolls and how easy the game system works once you created a Player Character.

Valhalla FRPG can be adapted for use with Anime Fantasy, Wuxia Fantasy, High Fantasy, Standard Fantasy campaigns.

Choose an Elf, Mystic, Human, Wolvine or Infiv'e to role play and be a Knight, Fighter, Paladin, Dragoon Knight, Warrior-saint, Heraldic Mage, Warrior-priest or a Mage Knight
Fight powerful monster beyond your wildest dreams!
Attain the Rank of Warrior-God, Dreamweaver, Draco Knight, Entropy Knight, Warrior-Saint, Valhalla Knight, Saint, Sorcerer or Magus.
Heroic Fantasy that comes True!
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